Types of motorcycle helmets: What’s the best one for you?

Types of motorcycle helmets: What’s the best one for you?

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When riding your motorcycle, a critical accessory is your helmet. It is required in most places where you may want to ride your bike. However, it is essential to know the types of motorcycle helmets available. This article will guide you in selecting the motorcycle helmet that suits you the most.

Differents types of helmet

Why do you need a motorcycle helmet when riding?

Helmets can be uncomfortable, especially when worn for extended periods. However, there are many reasons why you should wear one. You will be keeping on the side of the law by always wearing your helmet, thereby avoiding fines or even prosecution. However, helmets ensure your safety.

A helmet reduces head injuries significantly. Head injuries can be severe or even fatal during crashes involving motorcycles. Your eyes are protected during an accident and from dust and strong lights that may temporarily blind you when on the road. It also prevents cold air from entering your ears, which may make you sick.

It has also been reported that wearing a helmet helps keep you more focused on the road and be more cautious.


What are the different types of motorcycle helmets?

There are many types of helmets, and the one you choose depends on your riding circumstances and preference. The different types are mentioned below:


Full-face motorcycle helmet

As the name implies, a full-face helmet covers your head and neck. It provides the best protection in an accident.

There are different types of full-face helmets, and you can get one that fits your riding habits. For example, sports riders may wear one with a higher chin bar with a visor angled to the top of the helmet.

A good full-face helmet has provision for dissipating sweat, which reduces fog forming on the screen. Some models even come equipped with Bluetooth.


Full-face motorcycle helmet

Open-face or three-quarter motorcycle helmet

This type of motorcycle helmet covers your head except for the face. The back of your head and the sides are protected from any impact. It allows you to feel the wind on the skin of your face.

Open-face motorcycle helmets do not have a chin bar and, as such, are not as safe as the full-face. They are less heavy, making them more comfortable to wear for long, but you may need to invest in a pair of goggles if the wind getting into your eyes bothers you.

Modular or Flip-up

A modular helmet sits between a three-quarter and full-face helmet. The chin bar and visor are designed to flip up and open the helmet face.

This type of helmet is very similar to the full-face and has many parts in common. It can offer protect your eyes from the sunlight with an optional secondary screen. However, a modular helmet is heavier because of the presence of extra parts.

Half helmet

Half element covers even less areas on your head than the open-face. You will only protect your forehead and brows. However, some models slightly cover the back of your neck and ears.

They are lighter and allow more air to flow around your head, but you are compromising your safety because your face is bare. They are also usually basic and don’t have extra features like Bluetooth.



Off-road helmet

Off-road helmets are ideal for riding off-road and not in the city. They go best with knobby tires. However, they do not offer eye protection from dust or mud, for which you may have to purchase goggles or glasses.

This type of helmet has larger visors and lets in more air. However, like half helmets, off-road don’t usually come with extra features. You can select from different types of materials like carbon fiber and Kevlar.



 Dual-sport helmet

This is a cross between off-road and full-face. It offers a larger eye protection visor than a full-face, but you can flip the visor to use goggles.



Motorcycle helmets increase your protection even when not involved in a crash. You can select the best motorcycle helmet by considering your riding conditions.

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