Dakar Rally myths reveal the secrets of riding in the desert to motorcycle lovers

Dakar Rally myths reveal the secrets of riding in the desert to motorcycle lovers

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Dakar Pilots like Jordi Arcarons, Gerard Farrés or Miguel Puertas among others are the luxury guides of the African experience that Billy Goat Garage makes available to passionate riders of the most adventurous motorcycles.

The secrets of the Sahara desert on an exciting motorcycle trip

No one knows the secrets of the Moroccan desert like them and now they put their experience within reach of fans who want to live the adventure of a lifetime, on a motorbike crossing the dunes of the Sahara desert (Morocco). Years of high competition and exhaustive physical preparation have made them references for lovers of great rallies and raids worldwide.

The special technique of riding and facing the challenges of being in the various conditions of an environment as spectacular and demanding as the desert, are the best guarantees to live a unique experience in the Sahara (Morocco). In Africa, but only a few kilometers away from Malaga (Spain), where they have all the necessary utilities to undertake a trip with anyone who wants to live a unique experience that combines sport, tourism and adventure on a motorbike.

“The participants of our trip to Morocco only have to worry about presenting themselves in Malaga with a great desire to ride a motorcycle and have their driving license in order. We will make sure that you have an unforgettable experience with all the guarantees,” says Antonio Urrea, head of Billy Goat Garage, the company that organises this unique motorbike experience with the riders and legends of the Dakar.

Motorcycle trip organized by the Sahara

This company has a fleet of motorcycles made up of Triumph Tiger 1200 of the latest generation to carry out routes on roads and tracks, and 450cc enduro motorcycles -similar to those used in rallies- to face the routes in more technical areas, always under the guidance of the Dakarian pilots who make up their team of guides.

The itinerary comprises seven days, from when they meet in Malaga to embark on a ferry bound for Africa until they return again by sea to the Andalusian city. Between them, they travel 600 kilometers along the Moroccan roads to Merzouga, a city known as “The gate to the desert”, where they meet Jordi Arcarons and change motorbikes to take a course in adapting to the dunes. From there, three days of riding in the desert await them, more than 400 kilometers in total, and after each day a rest with all the comforts in a luxury hotel and dinner in a group to discuss the experiences. The participants do not need to worry about carrying more luggage than necessary, using the included equipment that the organization makes available during the trip.


Morocco Tour: upcoming dates

“We make two very exclusive trips a year, in small groups of no more than 10 people, one in April or May and the other towards November because these are the ideal times to enjoy the best of Africa”, comments Antonio Urrea. “Our public is very varied, usually fans of off-road motorcycles who want to live the unforgettable experience of an African desert and practice their driving under the supervision of expert pilots regardless of their initial level, because it is about enjoying” and learn from the best, he concludes.

Those interested can check dates and prices as well as contact the organizers and access additional information about our motorbike guided tours.

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